Note From Ben O’Brien

A Note From Ben O’Brien, UGA Spirit Coordinator

Greetings! I hope you this newsletter finds you all doing well, and that the month of May is getting you excited about summer. As another season comes to a close and a new one is just around the corner, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for all you do to support our program. Your hard work and dedication definitely does not go unnoticed, and we are all grateful for the support you give. This year has been an incredible year and a huge turning point in the program. I am already excited about the 2011-2012 season! We had around 100 kids tryout this year, including over 20 boys, which was awesome to see. I ended up taking 26 on both Coed and All-Girl and with those numbers, the program has grown by 14 since last year. The talent level coming in this year is incredible, and I can already tell that everyone is ready and willing to work. This year also ended with a bang with the all-girl competitive team finishing 3rd at the NCAA Collegiate National Championships this year. Much recognition and respect was gained from a lot of people around the country, and I can’t wait to see what is in store for this team in the upcoming year!


UGA All Girl 2011 - 3rd Place Finish At Nationals

UGA All Girl 2011 - 3rd Place Finish At Nationals


Please meet your 2011-2012 UGA Cheerleaders:

UGA Cheerleaders 2011 - 2012

UGA Cheerleaders 2011 - 2012

Sam Clay, Andrea Bell, Sidni Vaughn, Jessica Bakalar, Brandon Jenkins, Katie McCreary, Hannah Lech, Courtney Hewatt, Tyler Stanford, Kaylyn Andrews, Allie Cheek, Katie Strickland, Alex Smith, Quannaires Streeter, Stephanie Ross, Jasmine King, Christian Conover, Kailyn Thomas, Emma Hearn, Shannon Young, Justin Rey, Alyssa Ford, Ashleighanna Lockett, Jamie Kleinman, Paul Beck, Garner Pilat, Alli Falkenstrom, Blake Fountain, Danny Quach, Erin Tuck, Alexa Carr, Aubrey Sutter, Joel May, Rachel Morris, Mackenzie Stokes, Lindsey Brush, Michael Gargiulo, Holly Houser, Jennifer Grant, Chelsea McNeal, Alex Vess, Ashlyn Bell, Adam Foskey, Mallory Gilliam, Stephen Hammond, Alex Aaron, Ryan Shannon, Alia Church, Mackenzie Dempsey, Brittney Cain


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  1. Chrystal Jenkins says:

    I am Chrystal Jenkins. My son is Brandon Jenkins, one of the new guys on the squad this year. I would like some information about joining the Booster’s club. I have looked on the website for a form but have been unable to locate it. My husband and I would like to join. We were at the tailgate for the Coastal Carolina game and we brought food. We will be at the game this upcoming Saturday and we will bring something then also. You can reach me at my work email which is listed above or my personal email which is Thanks so much.


  2. Jey Willis says:

    Ben, I am a former Hairy Dawg from 1988 to 1990, and I did not think I would be able to make it this weekend. That has changed now, and I wanted to make sure I got you all my info. I do not need a ticket, but I need a few details on how I can be “approved” to get to go on the field for the first half. Can you help me?


    • ugacheers says:

      Jey: I just forwarded your message to Ben’s email. Hopefully he will contact you tonight. If not, you can find him tomorrow morning in the courtyard of the GA Conference Center Hotel where we tailgate. These are the times that I have for tomorrow: Registration for the Alumni will begin at 8:30am inside the Georgia Center. The Cheerleaders will join us at 9:00am at the tailgate. Alumni meeting will be at 9:45am. Cheerleaders will leave for the DawgWalk at 10:15.

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