General Meeting 08-20-2011

Minutes from the August 20, 2011 UGA CHEERS General Meeting

Hospitality Suite, Stegman Coliseum

  • Bill Sikes called the meeting to order at 10:15AM and welcomed all in attendance.
  • Bill Sikes recognized all Board members and Coach Ben O’Brien
  • Nominations and voting on a new slate of officers took place.  All members were voted on by a show of hands and were approved.  The new board is as follows:
    • Kathy Kennon- President
    • Donna Ross- Vice President
    • Bill Sikes- Treasurer
    • Lucy Bell- Secretary
    • Glynn Pilat- Communications Secretary
    • Dr. Bonnie Howard- Alumni Representative
    • Coach Ben O’Brien was introduced and gave a recap on the following:
      • Tryouts went well and there are 50 total cheerleaders in the program with 31 new cheerleaders.
      • The cheerleaders just returned from the NCA college camp in Myrtle Beach, SC.  The team competed against 26 other teams and returned with the following awards:
        • 1st Place- Best All Around Squad
        • 1st Place in Top Gun Stunt competition
        • Full paid bit to NCA Nationals in April
  • The Competition team will move to compete in the Small Coed Division this year with 4 boys and 16 girls
  • The UGA CHEERS booster club is an integral part in supporting the cheerleading program.  The club provides items such as half time meals at home games, tailgating meals before games, travel for away games, rings for third year athletes, and the end of the year banquet.  Please support the Booster club by paying your annual dues of $25 and the requested donation of $125.
  • The home game tailgates were discussed.  The following points were made:
    • Booster Club members signed up for set up and take down of the tailgates.  The first few home game tailgates setup times are set for 7 AM.
    • Members were reminded of the No Alcohol policy at the Booster Club tailgates
    • Families were encouraged to attend and bring PLENTY of food to share with everyone.
    • The UGA CHEERS booster club has the support of the Bulldawg Park: RV Complex again this year.  They hope to make a contribution to the booster club of $10,000-$12,000.  Some events this year that Bulldawg Park needs our support with:
      • BBQ Contest- We would like the booster club to have a team in this barbeque contest.  We will need to provide food for about 100 people.  The proceeds will benefit our club.  There will be a flyer coming in the mail about this.
      • Raffle- prize has not yet been determined but there is talk of a VW Beetle.  Suggestions are welcome
      • Coach O’Brien is picking up the away game tickets that were ordered by parents on Monday from the ticket office.  He will sort them and distribute them to the team to give to family members.
      • Coach O’Brien will notify the cheerleaders 2 weeks in advance if they are going to travel to an away game.  There are usually 16 cheerleaders for away games and only 8 if a flight is involved.
        • Only 14 cheerleaders will be traveling to Boise State at the GA Dome.  Coach O’Brien will let the cheerleaders know on Monday.
        • Friday- Pep Rally at GA Aquarium
        • Saturday Fan Fest at Georgia World Congress Center
        • The Border Bash will take place the Friday before the South Carolina game in Augusta GA.  This involves a golf tournament and pep rally.  16 to 18 cheerleaders will attend this event.
        • At the South Carolina game there will be an on-field tribute to the military
          • Noah Harris is a former UGA cheerleader who was killed in action in Iraq.  We hope to present his family with a cheerleading uniform at this game.
          • Glynn Pilat discussed the quick website she created and asked for a volunteer to be the webmaster.  Jane Tuck volunteered to act in this capacity.


Lucy Bell


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