Tailgating Guidelines


The Courtyard of the Georgia Center for Continuing Education

The Courtyard of the Georgia Center for Continuing Education is at the corner of Lumpkin and Carlton Streets. (1197 South Lumpkin St.) CHEERS will have 4 tents set up in the courtyard, immediately to the right as you enter the courtyard from the front of the hotel (arbored pathway, left of main hotel entrance).  Look for our CHEERS banner on the tents.


7:00 am for the set-up crew (see tailgating assignments).  As early as you like for everyone else!

Why should you get here early?

  1. Get coffee and get acquainted.
  2. Parking! Parking is at a premium for games. There is a limited number of free spaces. There is also parking for $20.00 at the Carlton Street Deck which is not a bad walk to the tailgate, however it fills up fast!!! You can pull into the hotel to drop off your food, but it is for drop off only.
  3. The cheerleaders usually arrive at the tailgate a couple of hours before the dawg walk which usually starts 1.5 hours before game time. Their day will have started even earlier and we want everything (Food, Drink and Family) in place before they arrive.

What to Bring

  • Chairs – enough for you, your guests and your cheerleader
  • Cooler with wheels
  • FOOD

A word about FOOD:  First bring a lot of it.  Don’t skimp on the amounts. Counting the Cheerleaders, Coaches, Mascots, Trainers, Family Members and Invited Guests, there may be 150 people at the tailgates. It takes a ton of food to feed that many folks. I know from years of these tailgates that we have some culinary artists out there. This is your time to show off. Every imaginable dish has been prepared, invented, or purchased over the years. Some people use the old standbys of Chick-Fil-A nuggets or pizza. We have had exotic quiches, soups, bar-b-que, pastries and sandwiches. We have never been disappointed with the menu. Coach Ben says “if you bring it, they’ll eat it!” We will let you know when to have the food there depending on game time.

Cups, plates, napkins, forks, knives, spoons, serving utensils, table covering, soft drinks, water, PowerAde, ice and a fair amount of cooler space for storage will be furnished by CHEERS.

Work Assignments

We ask each family to help by volunteering for either a set up or a take down at one of the home games. Set up means you arrive early to help get all the food and accessories out and ready. Take down means you stay after the tailgate and help consolidate the food and pack things away for the next tailgate.

The Dawg Walk

Also for you parents we usually head to the Dawg Walk after we eat. This is usually an hour and half before game time. The gang cheers at the end of the Tate Center and then leads the Dawg Walk of football players and coaches into the stadium. Great opportunity for pictures up close!!!

CHEERS is looking forward to having all of you at the Tailgates.  Go Dawgs!!!


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  1. kim fountain says:

    Just thought I’d let folks know I’m bringing fruit Saturday..lots and lots of fruits. and maybe granola bars. Hows that sound 3rd and 4th yr cheer moms? Let me know what y’all think. Thanks:) Kim

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